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Declaration of Anti-counterfeiting

Recently, the company investigated and found that there are illegal individuals and units making and selling products not produced by LeFu technology. Criminals used inferior materials and techniques, even cut down on materials to produce the products which are similar to the products appearance of LeFu Technology, and falsely claimed that the products were produced by LeFu Technology. And they sold those counterfeit products which did not have any logo. This kind of bad behavior seriously affects the interests of customers and the reputation of the company.

Therefore, the company respectfully invites all end customers, dealers and agents to purchase the products produced by LeFu Technology through the regular channels. All products produced by the company have relevant product information such as production date and batch number, and the change of products will be subject to the release in the official website

In order to safeguard the vital interests of customers and the legitimate rights and interests of LeFu Technologies, the Company hereby solemnly declares:

I. Please customers purchase the products produced by LeFu technology through the regular channels to avoid unnecessary damage and loss to users caused by counterfeit and shoddy products.

II. Our company immediately appealed to the Administration for Industry and Commerce and entrusted the legal department of the company to handle once finding any act of producing counterfeit and shoddy products in the name of LeFu Brand of LeFu Technology without authorization of LeFu Technology.

III. For products not produced by LeFu Technology, LeFu Technology will not provide any product quality assurance and after-sales service support. LeFu Technology will not undertake any legal responsibility for the losses caused to users due to the purchase of counterfeit and shoddy products.

IV. If dealers, distributors, agents or end users have doubts about the authenticity of the purchased products produced by LeFu Technology, they can contact the company directly. We will provide customers with professional detection and identification and issue corresponding inspection reports.

V. LeFu Technology welcomes customers to supervise and report counterfeit and shoddy products and behaviors.

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January 1, 2017

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